DisDis is an Icelandic fashion brand, with its store located on Laugavegur, the main shopping street downtown, in the heart of Reykjavik.
DisDis store sells their own design for women with comfortable & wearable pieces and limited standout pieces.
Handmade clothing done in Iceland & DisDis´s own workshop with Fairtrade standards in work ethics and quality, in Pondicherry, an old french heritage ex colony in south India.
Sandals that are designed by DisDis and handmade by artisans in India.
Their popular DisDis basket bags are made from recycled plastic that is woven of women from the lower cast in India, they do it at their own homes since they are forbidden to work.
Everything is outsourced thoughtfully and the makers get paid fro their work directly and no third party is involved in the process.
DisDis focuses on using excess stock fabric to create their slow fashion collection.
DisDis´s motto is “Our Makers Matter”

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Hafa Samband
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