Reykjavik Raincoats


Reykjavik Raincoats

Joy in a Raincoat !
The idea for Reykjavik Raincoats sprang to our minds in the way of most brilliant ideas, in a shower…of rain that is. It rains more than 200 days out of the year in Iceland so if we were to let a little bit of rain stop us, nothing would ever get done. And so it was that we found ourselves standing in a downpour after a night of bar-hopping, waiting in line at the famous hotdog stand Bæjarins Bestu, as one does if you live in Reykjavik. With a multitude of raindrops dripping from our hair and the rain seeping into our clothes and shoes we realized: It would be great to have a raincoat that would not only keep you dry but also make you look good, no matter the occasion.
At first, all we had was a name: Reykjavik Raincoats. It’s an homage to the brand’s birthplace where you will find Reykjavikians resignedly walking the streets of downtown, or 101 as we call it, in rain, sleet, snow and…more rain. In the spirit of making it work no matter the weather and looking good while you do it we set out to make the perfect raincoat, the raincoat that sparks joy in your spirit when the gloomy clouds outside would have you feel otherwise.
We made a conscious decision that Reykjavik Raincoats would be handmade, using the best possible materials. Something well made would be long-lasting and need to withstand fickle fashion trends so we decided on a vintage style. Once we found our manufacturing partner in Europe we were ready to make a splash in the raincoat puddle.
At first, it was more of a gentle step than a splash in the puddle but we’ve grown from selling primarily to family and friends to selling in multiple shops, including our own showroom and design studio. We’re busily adding more colours and styles to the collection, ensuring there will be a steady supply of raincoats that make you want to go outside and dance for joy in the rain.
We are raincoat connoisseurs with a passion for making raincoats that make your heart flutter with delight when you spy raindrops streaking across the windowpane. Our goal is to create high-quality raincoats with a timeless vintage style, made with care and by hand, that help you strut through life’s rainy days.
Our raincoats are designed in our Reykjavik studio and handmade in Europe. Having nurtured a close relationship with our manufacturing partners, the process from design to finished raincoat keeps an eye for detail and precision, without straying from the original design. All of our raincoats are sewn by hand using high-quality laminated materials and all seams are taped to ensure each garment is waterproof.
Hverfisgata 82 on the corner of Vitastígur
101 Reykjavík
Tel: +354 571 1177
Mail: [email protected]

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